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Skin Cancer: Treatment


Chemotherapy (the use of drugs in order to kill cancer cells), is sometimes used to treat melanoma. As a rule, the drugs are given in cycles: a treatment period followed by a recovery period, then another treatment period, and so on. Usually a patient has chemotherapy as an outpatient (at the doctor’s office, at the hospital, or at home). However, depending on which drugs are given and the patient’s general health, a short hospital stay may be needed.

Patients with melanoma may receive chemotherapy in one of the following ways:

  • By mouth or injection — either way, the drugs enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body.
  • Isolated limb perfusion (also called isolated arterial perfusion) — for melanoma on an arm or leg, chemotherapy drugs are put directly into the bloodstream of that limb. The flow of blood to and from the limb is stopped for a while. This allows most of the drug to reach the tumor directly. Most of the chemotherapy remains in that limb.

The drugs may be heated before injection. This type of chemotherapy is called hyperthermic perfusion (a procedure in which a warmed solution containing anticancer drugs is used to bathe, or is passed through the blood vessels of, the tissue or organ containing the tumor).

Skin Cancer: Treatment Skin Cancer: Treatment

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